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Qt Filemanager

Score 53%



Downloads:  279
Submitted:  Sep 19 2011
Updated:  Oct 13 2011


simpleTagger is a small helper application that lets you tag any of your files. It was made with simplicity (KISS) and reliability in mind. There is no unnecessary overhead or background programs running all the time. You start simpleTagger, tag your files, close it and you are done. To achieve this, tagging is done by adding the tags into the filename.

File manager integration:
Currently simpleTagger brings integration for the following file managers (more coming soon):
(Please have a look at the README.txt in the appropriate directory (dolphin, thunar, nautilus etc) for installation instructions.)

  • dolphin (KDE)

  • Konqueror (KDE)

  • Krusader (KDE)

  • Thunar (XFCE)

  • Nautilus (GNOME)

  • A tagging example looks like this:
    Original filename: image.png
    After tagging: image*wallpaper*blue*.jpeg

    simpleTaggers advantages:

  • No additional software to manage your files. You can still use your normal file manager.

  • No additional software to search tags/files. Keep using your preferred search application (like recoll, tracker or beagle).

  • No overhead. There are no daemons or background programs that slow down your system.

  • Tags availability is granted as long as you have access to your files, because there is no additional program that could crash.

  • Tags are available after copying the files to an other computer.

  • Tags are available cross platform, even on OSX and Windows. :)

  • simpleTaggers disadvantages:
  • simpleTagger changes the filenames. Of course not everyone likes this. If you don\'t, simpleTagger is not for you.

  • Changelog:

    13.10.2011 - v0.2.5
    - Added different tag font sizes in cloud view, based on how often the tag was used before
    - Added the ability to close simpleTagger by hitting ESC-Key (User request: Sparrowmelody)

    24.09.2011 - v0.2.0
    - A cloudview was added, to see more tags at once
    - Window size is now adjustable and saved on exit

    21.09.2011 - v0.1.7
    - Added Nautilus integration
    - Added Thunar integration
    - Bugfix: Small fix in focus behaviour

    19.09.2011 - v0.1.6
    - First public release
    - Bugfix: Now files without an extension are handled correctly

    18.09.2011 - v0.1.5
    - Bugfix: Changes on fileparsing

    17.09.2011 - v0.1
    - First release

    Source(simpleTagger v0.2.5)
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     Usage in Windows

     by mbnoimi on: Oct 5 2011
    Score 50%

    I successfully built simpleTagger in Windows but didn't know how to use! it's not integrated in Windows Explorer or worked standalone

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     Re: Usage in Windows

     by sxe on: Oct 5 2011
    Score 50%

    Hi mbnoimi,
    thx for trying simpleTagger but i have to admit that i don't know if simpleTagger works on windows, i never tried that.
    Sadly i have no windows installation to test with.

    But in general, after compiling, the final binary should be in the build directory. (At least thats the case in linux).

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     Nice app!

     by Sparrowmelody on: Oct 9 2011
    Score 50%

    I built and tried it and I really like the idea (I tried to do just this, manually, in the past, but was too tedious), just using locate I'll be able to find everything! Not to mention this system will work really well with other tools like krename and such.

    The thing is, would it be possible to change the tag indicators to an user-configurable character? I'd personally prefer a character such as "-" instead. I can edit the source, but would be nice as an option.

    Anyway, great tool! Thank you very much for it!

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     Re: Nice app!

     by Sparrowmelody on: Oct 9 2011
    Score 50%

    Whoops, please ignore my request, I see why the "*" as opposed to other symbols.
    However, let me replace my request by another: How about allowing quit using the escape key?

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     Re: Re: Nice app!

     by sxe on: Oct 10 2011
    Score 50%

    Hi Sparrowmelody,
    i will add the "quit by hitting ESC" in the next version, sounds useful to me.

    I thought about making the tag indicators to an user-configurable character before. I finally decided to not making it configurable, because it would cause to much trouble when a user changes the symbol later, when he already made tags based on an other symbol.
    It would be possible to even handle this case but i think it is much more consistent to keep the symbol.

    The main goal of simpleTAgger is that you still can use your prefered search tools. Thats one of the most important part of the tool to me personally. I love using recoll, with the kde kio, in dolphin. Its much better then for example nepomuks dolphin integration.

    btw, thx for your suggestion, please keep them coming.

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     Re: Re: Re: Nice app!

     by Sparrowmelody on: Oct 10 2011
    Score 50%


    About the tag separator, I also noticed it's common to find "-" in random downloaded files, so "*" is more appropriate.
    Oh, and just for the record, Dolphin integration also works with Krusader (twin-pane file manager). I started to tag images like this.

    And I find nepomuk to be a complete waste, so I am glad this came out as a replacement. Locate, find, krename and krusader's filter views are great in doing management and search when you do need them.

    One last suggestion, since you have a cloud view built-in, would it be possible to keep usage of each tag to change order or size in the cloud?
    Just increasing a counter for each tag would be enough for this, no need for more complex operations.

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice app!

     by sxe on: Oct 11 2011
    Score 50%

    I had some thoughts about increasing the font size in the cloud view too but i did not find a good solution. Normally, the size shows how often the tag is in use but i cannot get this information from the tagged files. I can raise a counter every time you add a tag, thats true but what happens when you remove the tags afterwards by hand or just delete the files you tagged before? In the long run, the tag size would get more and more inaccurate and the information you get from the font size is useless and confusing.

    The only way to get a accurate tag count is scanning the files from time to time and update the tag counter. Maybe i will add something like that (completely optional of course) in the future after more testing.

    Anyway, its on my todo list now, the for your suggestion.

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice app!

     by Sparrowmelody on: Oct 12 2011
    Score 50%

    Scanning the files defeats the purpose. I generally tag my files in a download dump folder, then redistribute them all around the filesystem.

    A simple integer counter is fast, and shows actual usage of the tag instead of files with the tag. A tag that is used often, makes sense at the top even if the files are retagged or deleted, because you are still prone to use that tag again nevertheless. Not to mention it can be stored in plain text and easily modifiable, and keeps the program lightweight.

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice app!

     by sxe on: Oct 13 2011
    Score 50%

    Released a new version.
    Hope you like it.


     Tried the new release

     by Sparrowmelody on: Oct 15 2011
    Score 50%

    I consider it pretty much perfect at this point. Thank you so much! (for some reason I cannot reply directly to your last message)

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     Re: Tried the new release

     by sxe on: Oct 22 2011
    Score 50%

    Glad you like it.

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