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Qt System Tool

Score 66%



Homepage:  Link
Version Control:  Link
Wiki:  Link
Downloads:  1760
Submitted:  Dec 8 2011
Updated:  Aug 31 2014


CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more.

Packages for other systems and older versions of the application are available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/copyq/ and even older versions at https://code.google.com/p/copyq/downloads/list.


- Added scriptable classes File and Dir
- Added scriptable function settings() for saving custom user data
- Improved dialog() command
- Windows: Qt translated strings bundled with application
- Fixed %1 in command
- Fixed building with tests and Qt5

- Separate dialog for user commands and global shortcuts
- Search for item by row number
- Command highlighting
- More shortcuts can be mapped on Windows and X11
- New "copy" command to copy from current window to clipboard
- New "dialog" command to show dialog with custom input fields
- Fixed crash on log out on Windows
- Fixed clipboard monitoring on Windows
- Fixed argument encoding from client on Windows
- Fixed log output when printing messages from multiple processes
- GUI fixes

- Support for OS X
- Japanese translation
- Custom icons for tabs
- Show item count next to each tab name (optional)
- Added Process Manager for running and finished commands
- Scripting improvements
- Nicer format for copied user commands
- GUI fixes

- Custom system shortcuts for any user command
- Drag'n'drop items to tabs
- Options to set position and maximum size for notifications
- Option to open windows on same desktop
- Weblate service for translations (https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/copyq/master/)
- Commands input and output is UTF-8 only (this fixes encoding issues on Windows)
- Scripting engine improvements
- Various GUI improvements and fixes
- Fix main window position in various X11 window managers
- Fix crashing with Oxygen GUI style
- Fix storing images from clipboard on Windows
- Various GUI improvements and fixes

Up to v2.1.0
- French translation
- Save/load and copy/paste user commands
- Easier way to write longer commands and scripts
- Remove formats in clipboard and item content dialogs
- Command "toggle" focuses main window if unfocused (instead of closing)
- Choose log file and amount of information to log
- Configuration moved into installed directory in Windows
- Change language in configuration
- New tool bar with item actions
- Option to apply color theme in tabs, tool bar and menus
- Allow to match items using a command
- Focus output item of the last executed command
- Allow to cancel exit if there are active commands
- Synchronize items with files on disk
- User can limit size of text items
- Opening external image editor fixed on Windows
- Item and tab encryption (using GnuPG)
- FakeVim plugin for editing items (Vim editor emulation)
- Drag'n'drop items from and to list
- Option to unload tabs after an interval
- Notifications -- customizable theme, timeout and position on screen
- Optional notification for new clipboard content
- Autostart option on Linux
- Reset empty clipboard to previous content
- More user-friendly item editor
- Optional font antialiasing
- User notes
- Improved appearance settings with some example themes
- Tree view for tabs with groups
- Sessions, i.e. run multiple independent instances
- Compatibility with Qt5
- Automatic paste works with more applications under Linux/X11
- Multi-monitor support
- Added shortcut to paste current and copy next/previous item
- Spanish translation
- Option and system-wide shortcuts to temporarily disable clipboard storing
- Option for main window transparency
- Custom action on item activation
- New shortcuts: "Next/previous item to clipboard", "Paste as plain text"
- Show clipboard content in main window title and tray tooltip
- New options for commands (transform current item, close main window)
- User-settable editor for images
- Commands for items of specified format (MIME type)
- Paste immediately after choosing tray item
- German translation
- Plugins for saving and displaying clipboard content
- Dialog for viewing item content
- Configurable tray menu
- Highlight text and copy text in items
- Commands for any MIME type (e.g. it's possible to create QR Code image from an URL and save it in list)
- Pipe commands using '|' character
- Option to use WebKit to render HTML
- Wrap text with long lines
- Icons from FontAwesome
- Automatic commands for matched windows
- Drag'n'Drop to clipboard
- "Always on Top" option
- Change tab bar position
- Mode for Vi navigation (h, j, k, l keys for movement)
- Import/export items to/from a file
- Use scripts to handle item history
- Save/load items to/from a file
- Sort selected items
- Easier tab browsing (left/right arrow keys)
- Save items from commands in other tabs
- Appearance settings
- Tab manipulation from command line
- Copy/paste items from/to tabs
- Global shortcuts
- Automatic commands

Complete changelog is at https://github.com/hluk/CopyQ/blob/master/CHANGES.

Source(source code)
MS Windows(binary for Windows)
MS Windows(installer for Windows)
Arch(Arch Linux)
Arch(Arch Linux - git version)
other(binary for OS/2 - v1.6.1)
Debian(Debian 7.0)
Ubuntu(Ubuntu 14.04)
Fedora(Fedora 20)
SUSE(openSUSE 13.1)
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 by KenjiTakahashi on: Mar 1 2012
Score 50%

Hi, I am a maintainer of CopyQ in AUR repository.
Would You mind posting a link to exactly 1.0.2 version? Github tag should be enough, because master branch will probably change in time and we don't want it :).

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 Re: Versioning

 by hluk on: Mar 2 2012
Score 50%

Hey, thanks. I didn't realize that I posted link only for the master branch on github. Here is the correct link: https://github.com/downloads/hluk/CopyQ/copyq-1.0.2.tar.gz

And thanks for sharing this with other Arch users :).

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 Unable to compile it

 by neFAST on: Nov 2 2012
Score 50%

Looks nice but unfortunately it wont' compile (qmake namke)

> .\client_server.cpp(23) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'unistd.h
': No such file or directory

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 Re: Unable to compile it

 by hluk on: Nov 2 2012
Score 50%

Should be fixed. Here are latest source code packages:
https://github.com/hluk/CopyQ/tarball/master (tar.gz)
https://github.com/hluk/CopyQ/zipball/master (zip)

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 List of exceptions

 by ShrecK on: Dec 11 2012
Score 50%

Add a list of exceptions for programs that do not need to transfer your clipboard (such as a password keeper).

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 Re: List of exceptions

 by hluk on: Dec 16 2012
Score 50%

In new version (1.4.0) this can be done from Preferences, "Commands" tab -- add new command, set "Window" field to match title of a window to ignore (enter a regular expression or basically part of the window title), lastly check "Ignore Item".

It's more complicated that using just simple list with exceptions but it's lot more powerful since you can store text copied in some windows in different tabs or process it with other application.

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 Thought about suggesting your application to AMA?

 by ShadowKyogre on: Mar 27 2013
Score 50%

Thought about suggesting your application to AllMyApps (http://allmyapps.com/developers)?

Also, I'm currently using your clipboard manager on my Arch Linux machine. It's everything I wanted in a clipboard manager!

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 Re: Thought about suggesting your application to A

 by hluk on: Mar 28 2013
Score 50%

Thanks for the suggestion. I've submitted the app.

I'm glad you like it! If you have any ideas for improvements, let me know.

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 Broken Unity tray menu

 by hotice on: May 10 2013
Score 50%

The latest CopyQ 1.8.1 doesn't work in Unity: Ubuntu automatically converts Qt tray icons to AppIndicators and did so with CopyQ until version 1.8.0 but this is now broken in CopyQ 1.8.1 so clicking the icon doesn't display any menu.

Tested in Ubuntu 13.04.

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 Re: Broken Unity tray menu

 by hluk on: May 10 2013
Score 50%

Oh, I probably know what is the problem. I'll fix that.

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 Re: Re: Broken Unity tray menu

 by hotice on: May 10 2013
Score 50%


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 Add a Beep

 by mjbgri1 on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

Having CopyQ make a beep or ding sound after a item is copied so we can have a confirmation that the copy took place.

Finding CopyQ helped me leave Windows Vista for LinuxMint.


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 Re: Add a Beep

 by hluk on: 1 day ago
Score 50%

Always glad to hear that the app helps.

Following command will play a sound if an item is copied (activated with Enter key). Copy/paste or drag'n'drop the command to the list in CopyQ's Command Dialog (F6).

Name=Audible Copy
var audio = '/usr/share/sounds/pop.wav'
var audioPlayer = 'mplayer'
//var audioPlayer = 'aplay'


if ( config('activate_closes') == 'true' ) hide()
if ( config('activate_pastes') == 'true' ) paste()

execute(audioPlayer, audio)"
Shortcut=Return, Enter

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